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Services we offer

28 Paws offers a variety of services to fulfill the wishes of any pet parent. Every visit can be custom made to fit you and your pet’s needs. We take the time to understand what those requirements are and we pride ourselves in providing excellent care. So whether you are seeking a daily dog walk or care for your cat when you travel, we will be there.

Rest assured, you will be safe in the knowledge knowing your pet is in safe hands with 28 Paws!

*Prior to any bookings a free consultation will be arranged, where we get to meet with you and your pet in person to discuss likes, dislikes, habits, routines and any other questions.

Dog Walks

It is essential that your dog gets plenty of exercises. Dogs require frequent physical and mental stimulation to stop them from developing behavioural problems such as barking, chewing and digging which are often a consequence of boredom and insufficient exercise.

Why choose solo walks:
Solo walks are not solely designed around dogs that do not get along with one another far from it. Dogs that are on these walks could be aggressive towards other dogs, extremely anxious or just ones that want a peaceful pleasant 1-2-1 walk. The beauty of these walks is the focus is entirely on them. That means we can work on any behaviour issues or outside training (recall etc) that you have been given. This will all help you towards your own training but does not substitute the training!

Why choose group walks:
All dogs attending the 28 Paws group dog walk must be dog-friendly. This does not mean your dog is excluded if previously barked at another dog or cyclists etc. However, if your dog is of an adult age it should have developed a basic set of social skills.
If your dog is in the puppy/infant stage it will start to develop social skills during the walk. The group walks help to teach your furry padawan what kind of behaviour is suitable while socialising with other four-legged friends.
During a group dog walk, they will be able to run, socialise or play with each other.

On either of the walks, your dog will be returned home towel dried, well exercised and most importantly very happy. It is not uncommon for them to be out of their home for a length of time, so it’s a nice break in their day.

*We schedule multiple sessions throughout the day to accommodate customers requirements.

Doggy Day Care

Our doggy club offers a chance for your dog to spend the day with other dogs and enjoy ample exercise as well as enjoying a break at home with us. This service includes a minimum of 2 walks.

Pet Visits

Puppy Care
We can visit your puppy daily to provide food, play, toilet breaks and early socialisation. Once your puppy has received all of their vaccinations, our dog walking service is a perfect way to help socialise your dog with a wide range of other breeds.

The first few months of a puppy’s life are the most important and ideally they should be introduced to a number of different experiences, noises, animals and people as soon as possible.

A puppy that is introduced to such a variety of experiences is more likely to be a sociable, confident and well-adjusted dog.

Pet sitting
Our home visit service allows your pet to remain in the comfort of their own home, which means by being in familiar surroundings your dog, cat or small animal will be less stressed throughout the duration of your absence. As an example, your loved one could be just getting over an operation and this is the perfect alternative if you are worried about the effect kennels or catteries will have on them, or you are simply worried about imposing upon your family, friends or neighbours.

The Pet Sitting service is available for cats, dogs and small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and birds. If your pet is not listed please contact us to see if we are still able to help – we’re always happy to look after the different and more unusual of pets!

During our visit we will ensure fresh food and water are available, clean cages/litter trays as well as perform any other tasks you may request. These tasks could be anything like collecting post, taking the rubbish out, closing/opening of curtains or blinds, switching on/off the lights all aimed to give your home that ‘lived in’ look.

Home Boarding

Need an overnight accommodation for your pet, a kind of sleepover? Perhaps you don’t fancy the idea of taking your pet to the kennel, or you just don’t want to press upon your family/friends. This is a service we can offer with sufficient notice.
Strictly available for dog walking / doggy day care clients only!

Pet Taxi

We offer this service in case you need your pet taken to the vet / grooming parlour or if you just need them transported to another family member’s house or Kennel etc